Dave's South American Galleries

In February & March 2006, Lynn and I escaped south for a cruise that started in Buenos Aires, Argentina and took us around the bottom of South America to Valparaiso, Chile. We spent five days in Buenos Aires before the cruise, fourteen on the cruise and three in Valparaiso & Santiago, Chile after. I would recommend this wonderful cruise, which provided photographic opportunities both on board and on shore excursions.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful city, which at fourteen million reminded me of visits to New York: good restaurants, exhibitions, shopping and entertainment. We stayed in the Hotel Dora, a wonderful hotel, within walking distance of downtown, close to the subway and on the edge of an up-scale residential district and the San Martin Plaza. I have included two galleries from the city: La Boca, a funky open- air museum barrio (neighbourhood) and Tango Dancers taken at a dinner club featuring the dance that is one of the city's main tourist attractions.

Our cruise ship was the Norwegian Crown, an older ship with about a 1000 passengers and a crew from 55 countries, including about 15 from Canada. We met some of the Canadian crew at a party and discovered the child care department was all from Canada and they had no younger passengers to care for! In fact Lynn & I were amongst the younger passengers. Most of the rest of the galleries were taken during shore excursions.

  La Boca
  Tango Dancers
  Elephant Seals & Sea Lions
  Falkland Islands
  Falkland Penguins
  Otway Sound Penguins
  Otway Sound Penguins
  Puerto Montt
  The Norwegian Crown & Port Activity
  Valpariso, Chile
  Parque de la Flor