Two trips flying over downtown Ottawa and Gatineau have produced these galleries. My webmaster Denis and I took photos from a small plane with the door removed so we could shoot without interference from window glass. It was cold! Denis concentrated on the wide angle shots from the front seat, while I had a narrow angle of view from the backseat, so I tried for more close-ups of individual buildings. We shot at a high shutter speed and used the image stabilization in Minolta/Sony camera bodies to get sharp images.

        Aerial Photography 01
        Aerial Photography 02

 Travel & Nature

Like most photographers I have done a lot of my photography on trips. This section shows my photos from such trips and demonstrates how I photographed a large variety of subjects, many of the nature. I use every lens from a macro took a long telephoto which on my digital camera is 750mm. Look for the macro shots of flowers and the telephoto shots of polar bears. I like the challenge travel photography provides though I usually travel with only 2 two bodies and five lenses in my Lowe Pro fanny pack.

        Dave's South American Galleries
        Arctic Explorer Tour 1
        Arctic Explorer Tour 2
        Montreal Botanical Garden

 Stage Photography from the Ottawa Folk & Jazz Festivals
Sara Lee Guthrie

I have been doing stage photography for several years for the Ottawa Folk and Jazz festivals. I have had the opportunity to photograph a numbers of famous artists. This gallery will show some of my better results.

Stage photography is a real challenge because you never use flash, and depend on the lighting technicians to give you interesting light. Movement and time to shoot are often restricted, meaning you have to get results quick so as not to bother the audience unnecessarily. Going digital has certainly helped, because we used to have to shoot with donated film, often at only 100 ISO. Now we can bump up the ISO to what we need. Shooting set a manual is the ticket to maximizing the light you are given.

Here are some of the groups that played the Ottawa Folk Festival in 2005. The lighting was inventive making for some interesting photography.

        Sara Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
        Leslie Fiest and Band
        Natalie MacMaster
        Hothouse Flowers
        Willie P. Bennett
        Kalan Porter
        Diana Krall
        Jim Cuddy
        Sue Foley

 Glamour Portraits & Hair Fashions

I have been working with Carlo at Sass Hair to photograph this superb stylists hair extensions. We offer a hair, makeup and glamour portrait package. Why not let me capture your beauty when you are looking your best? Let me accentuate the positive and diffuse or hide the negative. Go wild, have fun and get some images for yourself or loved ones!

We can provide either prints or a CD with images you can get printed later.


 Family Portraits

In the section I display photos taken for my family, friends and customers. I love capturing the interaction between family members. Easy to do if you have a baby to liven up the proceedings! But even without the baby I think I can get the best from you and your family. Contact me for that family occasion when you want to record something you can put on your wall as keepsake.


        Sept 2006 --Photos from Diane
        Sept 2006 --Photos from Alana
        Sept 2006 --Photos from Dave